Monday, April 27, 2009

Have you ever felt that you did not belong either with your friends and/or family? I feel this way all the time. I look at the people I live with[mom, dad, brother, sister, and two cousins] and I don’t understand why I am even a part of this family. I am total opposite of them. They are loud, outgoing, closed minded, and stick in their ways. Than, there’s me. I am the most quiet person in the house, it is hard for me to make friends, and I am open-minded. I am open to new things[people, food, cultures]. I always feel that maybe I was switched at birth. But I guess not since I look just like them. I never felt that I fitted in with the people I called my friends. Maybe I just don’t belong anywhere. Just someone that has no purpose in life and is meant to be off in the corner somewhere, where no one can see her.
Written by Kechell Jackson On 10:59 PM No comments


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