Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stretch marks are really common for girls in their teens. Your body hasn't finished growing and during your teenaged years, your hips will get bigger, your thighs, your breasts, etc. The marks you have now are like "growth marks" to show where your limbs have lengthened and your body has gotten more womanly curves as you've grown from your little kid's body. It's likely that at least half the girls you know have stretch marks somewhere on their body, even if you haven't seen them.

The good news is, these stretch marks eventually will fade away. It's just a matter of being patient. It's sort of like waiting out the pimply period - lots of teens go through a stage where they get tons of zits, and then one day they just stop getting them and the marks fade. Stretch marks are the same.

To hide your stretch marks until that time, you can use waterproof concealer over the marks on your skin. You use it just like you'd use concealer on your face to cover up blemishes. The good thing about getting the waterproof kind is, if you go swimming or get sweaty from activity, the makeup stays on. Companies that make waterproof concealer include Lancome, Avon and Rejuvana - check for them at your local drugstore or department store cosmetics counter.

Finally, try to keep things in perspective. Don't let your stretch marks stop you from wearing anything that you feel like putting on. Chances are, no one notices your stretch marks except you. Other girls are too busy worrying about their own so-called "flaws" - and guys just don't notice stuff like that. Trust me! One day, those marks will go away, but don't wait until then to live your life and wear whatever fashions you admire. Life's too short to stress over a few little lines.
Written by Kechell Jackson On 8:18 AM 1 comment

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  1. Thanks for this post! My 15 year old has stretch marks and she always freaks out about them in the summer. I got her some dermablend to cover them, but I keep telling her they will fade.


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