Sunday, September 18, 2011

In No Particular Order.....

1. Get a solid education that will result in work that pays well, or get training that offers solid, marketable skills for work that pays well. Financial independence is vital.
2. Learn about different types of investments and how to invest wisely. Being able to pay the rent is one thing. Building wealth is another.
3. Know how to make the most of your appearance, because confidence comes from looking your best. You need to have confidence to be selective about which men you date or marry, and you need confidence to walk away if the relationship turns unhealthy. You need confidence to make your way in the work world; but, most of all, perhaps, you need confidence to - every once in a while - be brave enough to say, "Hey - I'm right, and the world is wrong."
4. Be someone who knows, in your heart, that you are a person of integrity. Knowing you have integrity leads to solid self-esteem, and solid self-esteem is important in being independent and/or strong. If you don't have solid integrity decide to figure out how to develop it.
5. Think like a judge. Don't accept information for which you have no solid evidence.
6. Think like a scientist. Seek out answers yourself.
7. Think like a mathematician. Use logic.
8. Define who and what you are for yourself. Don't allow others to define who/what you are, and don't allow media or society determine what you ought to be.
9. Know your abilities and potential - and think of them whenever you doubt yourself.
10. Decide you will make yourself into the kind of person you like. If there are things about your inner self you don't like decide to change them.
11. Understand that healthy relationships involving wanting to be with the other person - not needing them.
12. Be someone who has interests in life and in the world. Interests make a life and a person more whole; and being more whole means being more independent and strong.
13. Aim to gain your power from your own strengths - not your own or others' weaknesses. Power built on weaknesses collapses. Power built on your own strength is built on a solid foundation.
14. Care about other people. People who don't care about other people are not whole, and you can't be independent and strong if you're not whole.
15. Don't try to imitate men. Men haven't always gotten things right; but even when they do, their way may not be the best way or the only way. Decide you will show the world what women are capable of.

Written by Kechell Jackson On 8:32 PM 6 comments


  1. great tips! thanks so much for sharing.. this is a very good help for all ladies out there!..


  2. Love these tips! I need to post these on my mirror!! Found you through Bloggy Moms. Hope you'll follow back at

  3. Great follower from MBC. Come for a visit when u get a chance.

  4. Hi, I am a new follower from Bloggy Moms:) Love this! Girls need these tips starting when they are young!! Nice blog!

  5. Thank you ladies for following my blog and liking the post so much. I've followed you all back.

  6. Oh, these are good. I'm gonna share!


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