Saturday, August 18, 2012

Book Blurb:

"Whacks you aside the head with the force of a baseball bat. Langohr's incredible description of his fight for survival in prison has 'screenplay' written all over it." John South, American Media
Roll Call is a story with a cast of characters that include Mexican drug cartels, southern California street gangs and Hell's Angels all fighting for their piece of the drug culture. In the middle of it all, B.J. is hell bent for destruction until he realizes his destiny in the nick of time.
Add a good detective squeezed out of the loop by an overzealous narcotic detective; a robust prison union trying to call the shots; a handful of drug criminals trying to find their conscience and you have the perfect recipe for a revolutionary uprising, bound by blood, all leaving the reader wondering, who are the real criminals?
Glenn Langohr's other books include: Upon Release ( Roll Call Volume 2 ) .99 cents with kindle, Race Riots ( Prison Killers Book 1 ), Lock Up Diaries ( Prison Killers Book 2 ), Gladiator ( Prison Killers Book 3 ) and Underdog ( Prison Killers Book 4 )

Vince wrapped his body around Candy’s in a spoon position. She was facing the other way and he breathed in the fragrance of her shampoo and thought about things. I’ve been out of prison for almost three years; I’m off parole and back in Orange County. Why did I feel so drawn back to this county? Why didn’t’ I just stay in Bakersfield with my Mom where parole and life was so easy? I know why, life is boring out there and I missed this area. Feeling Candy’s heart beating too fast and her foot kicking, Vince thought about being released from Pelican Bay and then High Desert. He remembered paroling with Damon and the pact he made not to do any more speed no matter what! He remembered telling Damon how he could see that speed the biker slammed into his vein clearly, how it sent him off on a path that went in so many directions, but guaranteed that it would end in prison. Now here he is, discharged from parole and back in Orange County with this gorgeous girl, Candy for the past two months. Her heart is beating too fast. Vince thought, Candy got out of rehab two months ago and seemed to fall in love with me instantly. Now I know I’m in love with her. Vince looked at the alarm clock he’d set up with the small mirror angled just right until he could see Candy’s face. Her eyes were open and her eye lids were flashing open like a butterfly’s wings. Vince thought about what he’d heard about Candy. There were rumors she had been an escort, a high priced one. It was said she used to have a route through the most expensive gated communities in south Orange County where she stopped and did what she did to get her bills paid and clothes and other presents bought for her. Supposedly she didn’t have sex with any of them, rather she was more like a mobile stripper who teased and flaunted her way through wallets and credit cards. Vince laughed, I should have known, with her name, Candy.

Amazon page for the U.S.
For the U.K. My blog
Glenn’s facebook pages!/glennlangohrcalifornia

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