Thursday, June 27, 2013

Title: Hypnosis to Stop Smoking - With Audios (Simple Self Hypnosis)
Author: Davina DeSilver and Marcos Amigdalos 
Genre: Healthy Living 

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Book Summary: 
Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Need to stop smoking? This book and the accompanying audios will help you. This short book starts the process of instigating the changes in your mind that being able to stop the habit of smoking requires. The audios provided will not only reinforce the necessary changes they will also help with your will power and motivation.
If you are not 100% committed to stop smoking - and many people aren't as they believe they are gaining all sorts of benefits from nicotine, then our Motivation to Stop Smoking Audio will be really useful for you.
List to that first and then listen to the Stop Smoking Now Audio. 

You will;
Establish the reasons you smoked
The False Beliefs regarding what smoking was doing for you
See how nicotine is harming your body
Create a distaste for nicotine
Establish a strong and committed desire to stop smoking for good
Create a positive reality of you the non smoker

Book Review: 
I am not a smoker so the book wasn't any use to me. However, the book could be very useful for someone that is looking for a way to quit smoking. I remember my dad use this method to stop smoking and it worked well for him. My dad hasn't smoked in more than 3 years. 

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