Monday, June 3, 2013

When it comes to unique leather boots, there are basically two categories that you can find. There is the finished leather boots and unfinished leather boots. From the two, the most common type is the finished leather boots. Finished leather boots are very popular as fashion pieces, while the unfinished leather boots are more like of a working boots. It is very important that you know what kind of leather boots you have since caring for finished and unfinished leather boots differ. This article is going to focus on how you can care for leather boots so it may serve you for longer periods of time. 

To determine if your boots that is made from leather is finished or unfinished, you can do a simple test. Acquire some leather cleaner, preferably a foam type. Place this cleaner on the boots. If the cleaner is absorbed immediately, then the boots are unfinished. If the cleaner sits for a while before it get absorbed, then there is a form of finishing applied to the boots. The rate of absorption typically will tell you the strength of the finish. 

General Care 
If you are treating an unfinished boots, then your best friend is an oil-based leather conditioner. You may use any kind of leather conditioner such as the ones used for horse saddles or baseball gloves. Simply place a generous amount of the oil-based leather conditioner to the boots. Leave the conditioner on the boot overnight. The leather will absorb the conditioner. The day after, remove the excess leather conditioner off the boots. 

For caring for finished boots, you will need to have a high grade leather polish. Good examples of a high grade polish are the polish that is used for the military to shine their shoes. Simply follow the directions printed on the polish. 

Removing Stains 
A lot of people do not realize that removing stains from a leather boots is a risky business. You cannot simply attack the stains since you may risk damaging the boots. You may think a simple leather cleaner will do the trick. However, the problem is that there are different kinds of leather out there, and some leathers may not be compatible to the leather cleaner that you are using. 

The wrong leather cleaner may cause damage, causes cracking or alter the color of the leather. However, if you are determined in removing the stains with a stain remover, then you can minimize the potential damage. What you can do is to test and clean a small portion of the boots with the leather cleaner you acquired and let it dry. Examine for any alteration. If it does not have any negative effect on the boot, then you may proceed to use the solution in cleaning your boots. 

If you see signs of alteration, then your best option is to take it to a professional leather cleaner. It may be costly, but it is a lot better than damaging your boots, making them un-wearable. 

No matter the situation, there is always a leather boots that is right for the situation. However, in order to prolong the life of your boots, you must care for them too. If you are looking for a new pair boots, then you can hardly go wrong with Gipsy Dharma.

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