Monday, July 8, 2013

Title: The Billionaire Who Boned Me (BDSM erotica) (Diary of a Fuckdoll)
Author: A. Violet End
Genre: Erotica

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Book Summary: When billionaire pharmaceutical heir Tristan comes into Lisa's life, she can't seem to say no to his demands. He's rough and he's tough, but he's good looking and generous, as well. Will she take him home for Thanksgiving, or just take her punishment and his money and walk away? A man like Tristan makes walking away nearly impossible.

First installment of the seven-part twisting, dirty series adventurous readers are hooked on. Short story, approximately 2000 words.  Explicit sex! Adults only!

Warning: This is not a love story. Romantic events may set the stage for parts of the tale, but make no mistake: Diary of a Fuckdoll is rude, explicit, dirty erotica.  Non-con, dub-con, gangbang, cloning, sleep sex and forced breeding...who knows where this series will end?  Will there be a Happily Ever After in the final installment?  Only A. Violet End knows.

" erotic adventure that is completely, delightfully bonkers - exploding any attempt at suspension of disbelief and throwing our heroine into a totally unbelievable drug-fueled romp that combines a "50 Shades" pastiche with ridiculous sci-fi overtones. As a result, it's fantastic. A. Violet End has a truly unique voice and vision and as a result her writing stands head and shoulders above what is fast becoming a crowded market of repetitive, unoriginal female-targeted erotica." ~Amazon reader review from "Militant Ginger"

Up for it?  Let's get down.

Book Review: 
WOW! I have read erotica before and what turns me on to them is the vivid imagery. Just being able to play the scene in my head like a movie. This is book one in a series of seven about a billionaire and a flight attendant. It is well-written and a quick read being only 10 pages long. The book crosses some lines and may go too far for some readers, but than again it is just a story and the author give a clear warning of such things.

I can't wait to read the other books in the series to see how far the author takes things with the characters.   

About Author:
A. Violet End is a professional writer and classy lady with a perverted imagination. She likes fairy tales. She likes twisting things to her satisfaction. Enjoy her take on the Grimm Brothers' European folklore, would you? If that's not your thing, then try her billionaire sicko boyfriend fantasy series, The Billionaire Who... for the story of a naughty rich guy and the flight attendant he has his way with, over and over again. Good clean fun, right?

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