Saturday, October 5, 2013

Title: Creating Postpartum Wellness, Natural Solutions to Banish Depression After Childbirth
Author: Laura Rude
Genre: Women's Health 

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Book Summary: Are You Struggling With Postpartum Depression Or The Baby Blues?

Finally.. help for new moms!

Don't let postpartum depression or anxiety rob you of the joy you can experience with your new baby.  Discover natural postpartum depression cures that don't involve the negative side effects of prescription drugs. 

Creating Postpartum Wellness delivers straightforward, healthy and natural ways to banish your depression!

In this insightful book, the author has taken a compassionate look at postpartum depression, its symptoms, possible causes, and the havoc it can wreak on the emotional and physical well-being of any new mother.

Solid Advice And Practical Strategies On Easy-To-Implement, Natural Treatments for Postpartum Depression

This book is especially valuable to those mothers who prefer a more discreet way to treat their ppd (steps they can take in the privacy of their home), utilizing natural remedies for overcoming depression and regaining mind-body wellness.

In this valuable book you will discover:

  • Natural sleep solutions for overcoming insomnia
  • How to nourish your way through depression
  • How to use herbs and aromatherapy for stress relief and sleep
  • Powerful ways to use your subconscious mind for easy change
  • Natural solutions for hormone regulation
Break free from the painful effects of postpartum depression and enjoy the beautiful, gratifying experience of motherhood, and most importantly, enjoy and cherish your newborn child and your exciting role as a loving new mom.
Book Review:
The information in the book is clinical but is written in a why the the reader will still understand what is being said in the book. In the back of the book there are questionnaires and tracking charts to help the reader keep track of their journey out of PPD. This book is also helpful for those that want to overcome postpartum depression without using medication. It contains good tips and techniques.  The treatments are for treating one's whole person. I like that the book includes stories from women who have went PPD and conquered it. 

I highly recommend this book for new mothers. 

About Author: LAURA RUDE is a wife, mother, author, certified hypnotherapist and founder of, a website with a wealth of information on alternative and natural treatment options for new mothers dealing with postpartum depression. 

Seeing the vast number of women who struggle with postpartum depression, and finding very little support on alternative options available to them, Laura began fervently researching postpartum mood disorders and the recovery methods available. 

Through her website, she has brought together essential information and useful resources, creating a safe place for struggling women to share stories, feel understood, and explore natural and alternative recovery options. 

Laura is an avid student of the subconscious mind, and has researched alternative and complimentary methods for dealing with issues such as depression, stress and anxiety. 

After extensive research, she wrote, "Creating Postpartum Wellness, Natural Solutions to Banish Depression after Childbirth", and produced an easy-to-follow six-week program, implementing the natural and holistic methods outlined in the book.

Laura is married with one son, and lives just outside of Seattle, Washington.

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