Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Today we are going to speak about the most typical wrong beliefs concerning kids’ teeth and present you the selection of the widespread and problematic misconceptions in this sphere. 

1) Milk teeth do not need any treatment. 
Most diseases of primary teeth can go on permanent ones and by the time of teething they will be already affected. Another problem is connected with improper location of teeth in the mouth. It leads to malocclusion in adulthood. Take care of your children’s teeth from their birth so they don’t have psychological complexes in future. 

2) Any dentist can treat baby’s teeth
Wrong again. Pediatric dentistry is a separate dental sphere that takes into account all the peculiarities of the child’s body. While working with the youngest patients, North Carolina dentists use alternative tools, materials and medicines. Requirements to pediatric dentists are usually much higher than to usual ones, because except for the excellent knowledge of dentistry the specialist should be fine as psychologist and find a contact with kids, carrying out effective treatment without pain and tears.

3) Kids’ carious teeth are easier to remove than treat
Scientists have proved that early removal of milk teeth leads to serious troubles. First of all, it concerns the difficulties associated with the eruption of permanent teeth. The fact is that after removal of carious tooth the adjacent teeth begin moving trying to fill the empty space. This creates the risk that later you’ll have to correct malocclusion. In addition, it also affects the process of chewing, may disrupt the formation of facial skeleton, diction, forming cosmetic defects. So treat caries as soon as it appears. 

4) Dentist is a nightmare monster
It is one of the biggest misconceptions and verges on stupidity. If you act so, your child will take fears and negative attitude to the dentist into adulthood. On the contrary, you should convince the kid that a visit to dentistry is absolutely harmless and even a pleasant experience. Change the dentist in case during the visit he hurt a child and inspired with dislike. Remember, negative impression of dentist can be changed onto positive in the early childhood. When he grows up, it may appear virtually impossible.

5) A child doesn’t need special toothpaste, any will fit
Baby teeth are required to be cleaned only with specially designed children’s toothpaste. They usually taste good, but the main thing that they contain a protective mineral composition. Toothbrushes in the form of toy can be used started from 1 year of age. They have gentle bristles and required size, while the toy amuses the kid making the process of teeth brushing a game.

6) It is useless to install crowns on the kids’ front teeth
For a long time, medical scientists struggled to create the best method to save and restore damaged front teeth as we have already mentioned – early removal affects the formation of dentition and diction. The solution was found: if the roots are undamaged, teeth can be saved due to installation of crowns. You should give preference to those made of metal-ceramics which are not only durable, but also are indistinguishable from surrounding teeth.

7)     Orthodontic corrective appliances spoil the child’s look
Modern dentistry offers several options to solve problems with uneven bite. This can be removable plates, commonly used between the ages of 6-10. It also can be special mouthpieces and transparent retainers that prevent malocclusion and have good aesthetic properties. 

Don’t listen to what rumors say and timely refer to pediatric dentist. Good luck!
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