Friday, January 3, 2014

So Christmas is over, and I'm sure a lot of you have relatives who've used a t-shirt printing service a few of you have gained a few personalised items as presents through the course of the festivities. So, what special attention, if any, do they require if they're to stay in tip-top condition?

The truth is that they really don't need any at all. Items made with sublimation printing like mugs and mouse mats and coasters can be treated just as you would any similar item. Avoid using harsh scouring pads on the mugs though a gentle wipe with one of the softer green scourers won't hurt much. I think even on a normal mug you'd quickly dull the glaze if you're too rough. Wipe the coasters but don't submerge them as they're wood based. 

T-Shirts are easy too. Obviously don't boil them, and if they're light then  don't wash them with un-fast colours unless you're trying for the pink look, but that generally understood. T-Shirts with photos are colour fast but if you're nervous then wash them at a lower temperature for the first wash.

It's advisable to iron any printed shirt inside out, but many people iron all their clothes inside out to prevent  damage to the visible surface. Shirts with a vinyl print have been pressed at very high temperatures but they won't want a very hot iron being rubbed repeatedly over the printed surface. If you must iron the outside then keep the temperature down and don't dally too long on the printed areas.

Many people think that printed designs are going to start disappear after a few washes, but they inks are bonded with the fabric so well you could probably expect the colour of your nice red t-shirt to dull long before the print on your personalised garment. Simply put, enjoy your fun personalised t-shirt, get them dirty and wash them as much as you need and don't worry.
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