Sunday, January 19, 2014

A lot of people wonder everyday how police officers stay fit; the answer is not a hard one, although it is a bit extensive. We see police officer on a daily basis running down criminals, hopping over bushes and fences, and even running through loads of traffic. We wonder how can this be when majority of police officers are almost forty years of age. Becoming a police officer is hard, and once someone is in it is even harder to stay fit.

The first idea is an everyday life of a police officer. Like any worker in any field, a police officer must put in a certain amount of hours each and everyday, and this amount of hours can range anywhere from eight to eighteen hours a day. While on duty, cops must run, shoot, and wrestle people to the ground. This by itself would keep any person in shape, and doing this day after day keeps all cops ready for the next day of battle that they must enter without haste.

Another thing that keeps cops fit is the seminars that they have to go to every two to three months. These seminars are not what the business world has come to know as seminars, which is comfortable chairs and famous speakers. These seminars take place in a large field where these cops have to train hard to show representatives that they have what it takes to be police officers. This is just like going through the academy within a week or a weekend, and when cops come out of these seminars they are very fit and they try their best to stay fit for their next seminar.

All police stations have gyms, and gyms throughout every city usually give discounts to every police officer that uses their products and services. Going to the gym and working out everyday or every other day keeps all cops fit and it makes cops stronger every single day. Cops also have a strict eating life that they have to live by. This life they live means they can only eat certain things and their are items that they must absolutely stay away from. This is another great way that cops stay fit, because they are not eating greasy foods and other foods that are terrible for most people.

One more approach on the matter of how police officers stay fit is the family encouragement they have. A lot of people forget this because it does not have to do with lifting weights or going to the gym, but this encouragement is just about number one on the list; this is because a police officer will not be able to survive without their family. They need their family to push them forward and tell them to be the best police officer that they can possible be, and this in itself will keep any and all cops in shape. Cops depend on their family support.

These are the majority of ways that police officers stay fit, and there are also many other ways officers stay in shape than those mentioned within this piece of writing.
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