Wednesday, January 22, 2014

With wedding sparklers growing in popularity so quickly, there are many companies out there offering different versions from which brides can choose. A relatively recent trend in weddings, sparklers are now available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to entice brides with any personal preference to choose their brand. Each type of sparkler has its own ups and downs that can either make your wedding fun or can ruin the experience for all of your guests. Knowing the difference between the different brands and hearing some first-hand experience can go a long way to ensure that you won’t regret your purchase.

One of the most important things to take into consideration when purchasing sparklers for your wedding is their quality. Many online stores that have sparklers for sale are buying the cheapest ones possible from China and putting them in attractive packaging to trick brides into choosing their brand. You are better off buying sparklers for what they are and not how they are delivered, so we have done a review of different wedding sparkler brands and types to help you narrow your decision with as little effort as possible.

Gold Wedding Sparklers

Gold wedding sparklers are the most common type that you will see in most online stores. They are available in a handful of different lengths with the most common being ten inches, twenty inches, and thirty-six inches. Most couples choose gold wedding sparklers because they are the least expensive and are widely available. Because they are so common, the prices for gold sparklers are much more competitive than other types. Also, because they are gold in color and don’t have any pigments, they are considered smokeless and can be used indoors safely. This added versatility makes them the best choice out of any of the types of sparklers we reviewed.

Color Sparklers

Color sparklers are another option for couples, and they are very popular with brides who are following a specific color scheme for their wedding. Usually available in red, green, and blue tints, color sparklers allow you to match your sparklers to the color of the other wedding favors or decorations at your event. Because of the extra color pigments, they produce too much smoke to be used indoors. However, most people prefer to use sparklers outdoors so this likely won’t make a big difference to most potential shoppers.

Shaped Sparklers

There are a variety of unique shaped sparklers that can be a unique touch to your special day. The two most popular types include star shaped sparklers and heart shaped sparklers, and both are a great fit for a wedding celebration. Stars represent the dreams of the newly united couple, and hearts are indicative of love and romance. Since both shapes are perfect for a romantic celebration such as a wedding, many couples buy some of each so their guests have a little bit of a variety. Though they are gold in color, they are much thicker than the traditional style of wedding sparklers and as a result they produce too much smoke to be considered smokeless. Though they can’t be used indoors, they offer the benefit of creating larger effects and fitting the romantic theme of your wedding much more effectively.
Written by Kechell Jackson On 1:00 AM 3 comments


  1. This is a neat idea. I didn't realize there were differed types of sparklers. I'd love to see the shaped version in action. #sitsblogging

  2. We didn't have sparklers at our wedding. Didn't know they were even available! My sister had her wedding the first week in July though and we went outside to see a couple big fireworks toward the end of the reception.


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