Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nowadays, a great number of Americans are resorting to selling their homes by themselves rather than going through realtors. The key reason is to save money on the payment of commission. But then they don’t realize how the so-called saved money is actually used in other ways. 

Paying an agent a commission of 5 to 7 percent of the house sale is common enough. This is the minimum cost that home owners would have to pay to ensure proper closing of their homes. But the common house owner is unaware of the various costs that are involved in the process of selling a house since they are dealt by a Square one realtor. Selling a house is a huge responsibility, akin to doing another job on a full-time basis. 

There is the marketing of the relevant house to be done, which can be pretty time and money consuming among other things. Compared to a normal house owner, a realtor usually has a number of advantages in relation to marketing the sale of a house. Normally, realtors already have a good online presence. Such a presence is important in making sure that the marketing of your home gains the necessary exposure and coverage. 

A great number of possible home buyers would most probably see the advertisement of your home for sale online, not merely on the realtor’s website but also on the local Multiple Listing Service or MLS. You may not be able to achieve the same results if you were to decide to sell your home on your own. Another advantage that realtors have is in terms of local newspaper ads. They can easily obtain full color advertisements to advertise their listings.

It is only when it comes to negotiation of the contract and its execution that you actually see the true expertise of a realtor. Real estate agents are normally well-trained in executing contracts properly and all relevant aspects that has to do with home closing. This particular part of selling the house can be pretty costly and confusing. Notary fees and a lawyer’s fees add on to the selling price of the home. 

They might also end up being higher than the commission fees that a home owner would have paid a realtor. Then there is the matter of those who attempt to sell their house on their own only to end up asking for the assistance of a realtor when their marketing efforts do not gain the attention needed for selling the house in a timely fashion. Moreover, findings show that houses sold by real estate agents typically fetch a higher price, 20000 dollars or more compared to that sold by home owners. 

When home owners are aware of this, the thought of selling via a realtor becomes very appealing to them. Bear in mind that an expert agent is capable of dedicating more of his time and energy for selling your house compared to you. This is because you have your own full-time work to do while selling your home is an agent’s full-time work. For more information visit 

Written by Kechell Jackson On 4:30 PM 1 comment

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  1. Is it still profitable to buy and sell real estate? I want to open my business.


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