Thursday, July 31, 2014

Every gourmet product company, no matter how small or large it is, will benefit from the use of PR. Building a reputation is among the most important goals for every company and creating product demand for gourmet food is the most important benefit public relations can bring. Therefore, using PR as a marketing tool is a must and even a small business owner can afford a decent public relations campaign.

Strategy to Use

If you don't have a budget for a PR firm, you can do a lot of work by yourself. You will need to learn a thing or two but that won't take a lot of your time. A smart thing to do is to hire an intern from a nearby college. Of course, make sure he/she is majoring in communications. This is the best way to save time and follow all the trends in the PR.

What you will need to decide on are the goals for the PR. You can't set too many goals or your message won't be effective. Deciding what you wish to communicate is the first thing to do. Next, whom you want to target:

Are the customers you want to target local, national or international customers? Concentrate all your efforts on one level only.

Are you looking to connect with distributors or with end purchasers? Target business journalists and trade magazines if you are looking to connect with distributors.

Choose consumer media coverage if you want to target consumers directly.

You need to choose different media when you want to focus on new or existing customers.

Specific Steps to Make

Gourmet food PR is not much different from PR for some other industry. You need to create a budget and use it for PR activities that will have maximum impact. Once you have your budget set, dedicated certain amount of time to conduct the PR, you need to move forward with the details.

Create a press kit. This should not be promotional but factual information on your company and all your products and services. It would be perfect to put all these on your website where you can include photographs as well. All food should look very attractive and appetizing so make sure you get the best possible photos out there. 

Choose Facts, Avoid Promoting Yourself Too Much

Journalists won't like your promotional language, so you should just stick to the facts and avoid using adjectives like most popular, heavenly tasting and most delicious. Simply provide samples so that the journalists can make their own judgment and create a good story. You can also suggest a story idea as well, provide recipes or gourmet recipes. This will work a lot better than using that overly promotional language.

Final Steps

Decide if you or someone else should be a speaker for the company. The person you select will going to speak for your company at industry events, future PR projects and product promotion. You need a face to represent your gourmet food business so make sure you choose someone who will best represent the organization and the products and services it offers.

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