Thursday, May 13, 2010

1. Shed Dead Skin To make any treatment more effective (moisturizing, waxing, or self-tanning, first slough away dull cells with a body scrub. Plus, removing dry patches makes your skin appear more even-toned.

Try SSS Fusions Dual Softening Body Wash; SSS Soft Satin Glow Smoothing Body Wash; Planet Spa Brown African Shea Butter Brown Sugar Body Scrub.
2. Smooth Cellulite
Treat dimples on areas like your abs, butt, and the backs of your thighs with a treatment that contains circulation stimulators, such as seaweed or caffeine. Massage using circular motions for a few minutes to temporarily firm the skin and make bumps less noticeable.

Try Super Shape Anti-Cellulite & Stretch Mark Cream; ANEW Clinical Lift and Tuck Professional Body Shape; Planet Spa Icelandic Mineral Waters Firming Gel Moisturizer.
3. Get Hair-Free
Yes, waxing hurts more than shaving, but it removes hair from the root to keep skin smooth up to three weeks longer. Hold the area taut and apply a thin, even layer of wax. Press a paper strip firmly over was and use the other hand to pull it off quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth. Heal irritation by covering the area with a cotton pad soaked in soothing oil.
4. Go Beyond the Pale
The darker you are, the slimmer you look – it’s an optical illusion. Apply self-tanner at least 15 minutes before bed so tanning agents have time to fully develop. Color will fade more evenly when the skin is hydrated, so apply a lotion with a touch of self-tanner every other day to moisturize skin and boost your shade.

Try SSS Satin Glow Daily Body Moisturizer; mark Instant Vacation Greek Isles Bronzing Self Tanner; mark Instant Vacation Greek Isles Bronzing Self Tanner for Face.

5. Enhance Your Assets
Add a hint of luminosity to areas you want to draw attention to. For a subtle effect, dab a shimmering lotion along your collarbone and down shins. To go deeper, sweep bronzing oil between your breasts and over your legs. This reflects light off your skin, which diffuses imperfections.
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