Sunday, October 6, 2013

Staying Safe on That Big Night out

Whilst there's nothing quite as exciting as getting your best gear on and heading out for a night on the town, it's important that you always do your best to stay safe.  Working with Bristol manned guarding experts UK Asset Protection, we've put together this list of hints and tips that should help your big night go without a hitch.

Eat something

One of the biggest mistakes that people make before they head out is not having a decent meal.  A meal will help soak up the alcohol and stop you getting drunk so quickly.  Obviously, you don't want to feel bloated, so don't feel that you have to scoff up a Sunday roast, but at least have something with both protein and carbs, like a nice sandwich.

Never, ever return to a drink

This is almost nightclub safety 101.  If you accidentally leave your drink behind and out-of-sight, never go back to it, even if it's only been away from you for a minute or two.  Unfortunately, you simply cannot guarantee that nothing will have been put into the drink, and it's just not worth the risk.  If you really need to head out of the club to get some fresh air, or you just need to dash to the loo, get one of your friends to hold your drink.

Book a taxi in advance

Fake taxis aren't quite as common as they once were (fortunately) but it's still very wise to ensure that you book your taxi in advance, as this will save you having to flag one down at the end of the night (something that we guarantee you won't feel like doing!).  Use a licensed cab company, one that you can contact if you need to should your cab not appear.

Drink what you want, rather than what everyone else wants.

It's inevitable that on a few occasions, you probably will want to get drunk.  That's fine - it's perfectly normal - but ensure that you only drink what you want to.  As a general rule, avoid rounds where possible, as this usually means drinks will be served up at the same rate as the fastest drinkers down them!  Also, if at any point during the night you decide you've had enough, then head home.  Remember, however old you get, peer pressure never quite goes away, so tell everyone where to go, if you really have to, and head home!

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