Monday, March 10, 2014

Are you trying to sell services or products online? Selling online isn’t as easy as it seems and there’s some core principles that you need to know before you start selling. By following these principles you’ll make more sales and have more success selling online.

Design for Your Customers

When you use e-commerce you need to design or have a “create online store” platform for your customers. The best ecommerce website builder needs to be well designed and easy to use. If the ecommerce website builder is confusing or doesn’t provide enough information for your end users then you’re not going to get the sales you want. You should run tests on the online store with actual users to see how they react to the store. A poorly designed e-commerce store isn’t going to get you the sales you want if it isn’t designed in the right way. Make sure everything works well and that the user finds it easy to work with. With that in mind, go to create online store right away!

Make Use of Media

Most people expect great images when they are looking at products online. Your images should be crisp and clear and you should also have extras if possible such as videos which can increase your sales. You should use animations, 360 videos and as many graphics and details about your products or services as possible. It’s not enough just to have a price and an image you want to provide your customer with as much information as possible. The options you should use include making use of social media features on your e-commerce website so people can share the information about your products or services.


Your customers need to trust you and you can earn that trust by having robust support feature son your e-commerce site. Your customers need to be able to contact you quickly when they need help. A live cheat feature is a good option or you can use email, knowledge databases or forums for your customers to contact you. If you can support your customers and solve their problems quickly then you’re going to retain those costumers, earn their trust and make more sales. To be successful in e-commerce you must provide as much support and customer service as possible for those that are interested in buying from you.

Interaction or Polls

Another part of e-commerce that can help your sales is the ability for buyers to interact with the website and leave reviews on products. This helps others make informed purchasing decisions and can help you increase your sales. The more confident people feel about your products the easier it will be for them to buy them from you. Reviews and other information about your products will increase your overall sales because it installs confidence in the buyer.

Up to Date

Don’t allow your e-commerce site to stagnate you need to keep up with the times and make sure you make good use of new technologies. New technology can increase your sales or give you options that your competitors don’t have when it comes to e-commerce websites.

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